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Act 1
 This took Freaking long it was hard to find a running pose that worked after that i had to decide a background that would work so here's the result Alpha running through some random stage idea i had in a sort of mystic garden, ancient forest ruins thing I hope you guys enjoy after i didn't like the waterfall look i added a slash effect EVERYWHERE and i didn't want a sun background since forest so i made light peak from the top of the forest
Matthew the Husky
Yay its me also entire new style I'm trying to be more cartoony cuss I really want something unique, also whenever I try something super detailed I give myself expectations that i really can't do since I've started drawing again i have an entire drawer of scrapped paper in fact i'm out of paper this was entirely digital so enjoy its my fursona so enjoy also yes there are brown Siberian husky's I looked it up drawing this so yay

Species: Siberian Husky
height: 6'3"
Here we are revamp of my old villain Damian and so far I love it powerful golden eyes and a sinister grin

Info: a power twisted man who performed countless experiments on his own kind to make them stronger and create an army to destroy those who shamed his species in the past though he was found and arrested in maximum security he had a trump card in his experiments on himself he discovered how to tap into his mental prowess with powerful psychic powers able to rip people apart and lift entire buildings though he didn't escape at first no he watched and waited until his victims were most happy, and carefree to rip those emotions away and make them suffer though his cuffs prevent him from using his hands till he finds the code to get rid of them he uses psychic powers to compensate, and added scrap shards to them to help him cause more suffering to his victims
species:black wolf

I tried my best to make this pose work and he kind of does reason for no feet is cuss i couldn't make them look right so sorry
I wanted to make something adorable so i made this dork enjoy

Info:this is Ashley the adoptive little sister to Alpha and big dork with a hyperactive attitude, alot of energy like him. She's also a huge brainiac who can outsmart most people she knows but she chooses not too only letting her big brother know her hidden genius choosing to be happy and have fun while studying when she has privacy
Age: 10
species: Border Collie
height: 4'1"
personality: hyperactive and happy
Alpha the wolf
Okay i am fairly upset about this pic cuss i had an even better version I spent from around nine thirtyish to 12 drafting the pic from my sketch and coloring reposing and adding a few details and then around 12 or should I say MIDNIGHT last night my computer just suddenly froze all the progress gone as i was about to finish coloring i decided to go to sleep and finish which i did since i remembered everything from before it didn't take me as long to trace the sketch and add details but its still annoying to loose all that time okay enough venting enjoy My revamp for Neo Alpha my new main character

Name: Alpha
height: 6'4"
Species: Gray wolf
personality: Feisty and quick footed he doesn't seem himself as good or evil he always just follows his instincts and finds himself doing whats always right and good for people
Abilities: while slow on foot in forest like environments he finds himself able to lunge at trees and bounce off with his metal carving claws able to bounce from tree to tree he launches himself at high speeds reaching his goal faster than anyone else could and a natural hunter able to find a target and get it before it can respond.
story: later

I kinda miss the flame streaks i gave him in his old design i might add them again later
to who it may concern idk am i still relevant? I made sketches on a boring day trying my best this is the result people now shame me, or encourage me 





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Matthew Garrett
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i'm a friendly artists who likes rping chatting and making art

heres my DA family so don't mess them alright

people i know in real life




People i've known for a long time on here and consider real good friends







if you want me to add a tag by your name to describe what kind of person you see yourself in terms of friends with me just tell me and i'll add them


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